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Diversifying The Wedding Industry

Hi! Welcome to today’s show notes! This episode is GOLD for your soul, so let’s dive in! We all see what’s happening in our country, and in our industry. Let’s work together to make REAL CHANGE!

In today’s episode we are beginning the conversation on diversifying the wedding industry as professionals. We are joined by Terrica Skaggs, a wedding planner, designer, and educator from coastal Georgia. She is passionate about “pay the light bill so they can have their light bulb moment” so they can create beautiful products for their clients. Join us as Terrica walks us through how to create intentional content, build community, and what actionable steps to take in diversifying the wedding industry.

Diversifying The Wedding Industry with Terrica Skaggs

In this episode Terrica walks us through

  • Her journey into the wedding industry
  • Her role in diversifying the wedding industry
  • Where do we begin as wedding professionals
  • Actionable steps you can take to being apart of the change


Resources mentioned in conversation

The Unity Through Community Solidarity Badge

Town Hall Replay: Healing Wounds and Bridging Gaps

Terri’s Mailing List


Show Notes


Diversifying the wedding industry: Where do we begin as wedding professionals

“You need to start in our own backyards. Our own backyards could be our social media networks and audiences.” (8:50 -9:08)

It’s important to start in our own communities. Start by taking time for self reflection and conviction. It starts with YOUR heart and mind. Identifying and assessing your own personal biases. We need to make room to ask ourselves “How can I do better?”. It’s about affirmative recognition and intentional search and support. One way you can do this is by diversifying and creating intentional content and  intentional relationships with wedding professionals.


Look at your inner circle and say, “Okay guys, we have a problem, what can we do?” Thinking outside your “box” about how we can celebrate and build intentional relationships with BIPOC (Black Indigenous People Of Color) wedding professionals. Use your Instagram, your blog, Facebook page, your email newsletters, your TikToks (yes, we see you on TikTok), and anywhere else you have people looking to you for leadership and guidance. Creating a platform that gives people of color a voice and that celebrates unity and diversity!

Growth Steps

  1. Commit to diversifying the wedding industry: Get the ‘unity through community solidarity’ badge. This badge represents your personal commitment to taking actionable steps to diversifying your community. You are saying that you are actively finding new creatives of color to build intentional relationships with. Once you find them you can share their work on your social media platforms and celebrate them!
  2. Hold our educational and social media platforms accountable: This goes back to taking time to do the research and connect with other wedding professionals. 
  3. Diversify your portfolio and put out intentional, strategic content! 
  4. Talk to other photographers of color: Ask them questions and let them educate you. Give yourself the space to learn and build your community! Start today. We are here right beside you doing the work, too. Let’s GO!


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