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Hip CVNP Engagement | Ohio Wedding Photographer

OMG guys. I just loved how Claire & Drew were able to jump in with me, even though they were a little nervous at first. Claire was so brave and said “ok, we are pretty nervous!!” I LOVE when you tell me how you’re feeling, because I can instantly come in and help you! As a wedding photographer it is my to make you feel comfortable and confident during your engagement session. Right when she said that I said “Oh! I totally get that, but there’s no need to be nervous. We are just going to play and goof around.” And the first pose I had them do was a hug (the first image was the very first picture from the session 🤗). A simple hug. You do it all the time. It’s natural, comfortable and easy. ♥️

Once they did that, it seemed like all their nerves melted, because the rest of the session we literally laughed so much. We pretended to be the king with the coconuts from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (I know. Amazing right?!), we talked about life, and movies and TV shows, and kiddos, and wedding plans. We explored the beautiful Ledges at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and just had a freakin’ GOOD TIME together. Yep. It was so nice. And then we high five’d afterwards for a job well done. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


“Working with you was so much fun! Drew and I were both so nervous about being in front of the camera and as soon as we started that completely changed. The photos really show how Drew and I act and we couldn’t have asked for anything better!” -Claire


I’m so blessed to have such fun and genuine clients who are willing to do what I am inspired to do, show me WHO they truly are, and just have a good time being together. Their wedding is going to be SO fun, and I can’t wait! Thanks for being so cool, C&D! I love you guys already 🥰😘♥️

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