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Telling a Story Through Your Brand: Jen Olmstead

Today we are chatting with Jen Olmstead, one half of the dynamic duo of Tonic Site Shop, about telling a story through your brand. Tonic Site Shop sells cocktail inspired website templates for the modern, stylish creative. We are both fans of their designs and personally use them for our businesses. Jen reminds us that we should be proud of the way we present our brand on social media and to our clients. Join us as  how to uplevel your business through branding and website design!

Telling a story through your brand

In this episode Jen walks us through

  • Tonic Site Shop and the importance of website design
  • Creating your own brand
  • Telling a story through your brand
  • 3 things to implement to your website right now


Show Notes

The Importance of Website Design in Telling a Story Through Your Brand

“I think this the perfect time to talk about website design. In our culture right now we have a really unique time to be a business. The consumers we are targeting are getting smarter and smarter, and more used to beautiful things.” (3:40 – 3:55)

Jen shares how design is not only seen through our websites or creative outlets, but in the essential products we use on a daily basis. The example she uses is beauty products. Beauty products have a beautiful aesthetic and brand while telling a story that meets the needs of their clients. With this example, we start to see the value our brand stories play in our businesses. You must have confidence in the way you present your brand to your clients and on your website!


Creating your own brand story

Before jumping into the steps of creating your own brand, Jen prefaces that there are several components to this. She walks us through two key points to  help you start this process. 

  • Your brand is what you think it is. This is the interior part of your brand. You need to start with identifying your story and what unique things you can bring to the table. 
  • Ultimately, your brand is what other people say it is. This is where you transition your mindset and focus on your brand story. What is your brand actually conveying to your clients. 


Telling a story through your brand

Throughout history we can see  that the value and influes stories have on people. No matter how busy one is, they make time for stories. 

“Your website is the most powerful when it is telling a story that people are attracted to, can identify with, and they can root for!”

The biggest advice Jen has for us is to remember what part you play in the story. Lots of times, we tend to make ourselves the hero of the story, when it should be our clients. Your brand story and website need to be about the clients you are serving and how you can help them achieve their goals. Your story becomes most effective when your client is the hero and you are playing a supportive role. 


3 things to implement to your website right now

  • Make your brand statement clear. More specifically, communicate what you do and who you do it for
  • Know your unique proposition value
  • Incorporate social proof and reviews


Growth Steps to better tell your brand story

First Growth Step: Make sure you have a clear brand statement at the top of your website. Bonus points if you include a location with this. 

Second Growth Step: Have a unique proposition value. Telling a story through your brand helps you clarify this. If you don’t know where to begin with this, ask past clients or people in your life that know you well. They can help you identify your unique proposition value. 

Third Growth Step: Get more social proof. Take time to ask past clients about your client experience. You can do this by asking them 3 simple, detailed questions like, what was your favorite part of my experience. Once you have reviews to share, make sure to place them throughout your whole website. 

Fourth Growth Step: Update images on your website! The key thing is to have a bite size approach to this. You don’t need to update all your images at once, but over a period of time. Use your instagram as a guide in what images your current and future clients like. It’s a simple step that can quickly elevate your website and client experience!


After our conversation, Jen shared with us how she wanted to gift our listeners with a special code for tuning into this episode and taking the initiative to grow your business. Tonic Site Shop is giving you 20% off all their website templates when you use the code keep me company. Head to your website and check out their sleek, modern designs!


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